Sunday 26 June 2016

Restoration of the British Seagull engines

This kind of restoration takes place while other work is in process, so it takes time.

The engine below will be about sixty years old? it has been stripped right down to the engine, then all parts were re plated or re painted as required.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

The engine in the picture is a series 102 version and is rated to 3.5 to 5 bhp, that is misleading, as I think they were using real horses to rate it against?

Check that large propellor to see what I mean.

This engine is a customers, we also have a similar engine in stock which will be for sale when its finished.

There is also a much smaller Seagull in process, this one is a family treasure and has to be ready for use in December.

The engine is still in many pieces but with the tank transfer applied today we are well on our way to completion.

The transfer will be sprayed with clear lacquer next.

Six clear coats and in three sessions

The 102 series British Seagull owner will soon have his restored engine :)

Fitting of a new coil is a specialialist job.

The old ones are now all at least 30 years old and liable to fail due to age .

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