Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Marine plywood water tanks in a boat

After some eighteen (18) years in service I decided to remove the boats six water tanks and see what they look like inside?

Yes, this boat is in the water and yes the bilge really is that clean and dry.

This was a big job but as I was not under any pressure to complete the work, I took my time and fitted them back in the last few days.

The tanks were fine and clean enough inside not to worry about anything, drinking the water is at least as nice as the domestic water from our taps back home.

Each tank was pre tested prior to re fitting in the boat.

There is a carbon filter but I wonder just what it does as the water is always clean and there is never ever any sediment or bad taste in the water.

This time I removed the tanks inspection covers, bonded them over and also bonded in the brass nipples for the access and vent pipes, so there is nothing to worry about now.


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