Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What size should the Wood / Epoxy Optimist Mast Step be?

Try as I might and as yet I have not found those measurements.

Please check the picture.

The yellow drawing is one of about ten we will supply you with our fourteen page builders guide.

This plan shows the mast step details.

The so called unoficial builders guide supplied by the Optimist Asscociation, lists various sizes of meranti that the builder will require, we supply as per that list, excepting the mast step.

That is to be supplied as a meranti block 100mm x 60mm x 180mm from which your supposed to cut the mast step from?

That is a large chunk of wood and I doubt the average home builder will have a band saw large enough to deep cut down the 100mm size (4") ?

The other thing is that no where in the plans is the mast step size detailed, no dimensions at all on the actual meranti block itself.

We worked it out according to the other dimension rules and always supply a pre cut (laminated) mast step with each kit we sell.

There are three in the picture above as we are preparing a three kit set order for shipping to a sailing school in the USA.



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