Monday, 12 October 2015

Cruising Sails for sale

New and unused, each sail has been taken out of their new sail bags just the once.

Suitable for a larger sized vessel and intended to fit an Endurance 48 designed by Peter Ibold.

Made by  Ellens & Hudson in tan Dacron.

Both sails have bronze piston hanks, I can arrange to have a Bolt Rope fitted if you want to use the sails on a furler with bolt rope groove in a foil?


Number one Yankee, 75%,   Luff 15.00 mtrs Leech 9.50 mtrs  Foot 8.40 mtrs weight of cloth is said to be 325 grams. Area is 36.28 M2 or 390 sq feet.

Price R9000.00  or about U$ 670 at the expected exchange rate.

Drifter, 150%,  Luff 16.00 mtrs Leech 15.10mtrs Foot 10.60 mtrs , weight of cloth is said to be 250 grams.
Area 77.40 M2 or 833.10 sq feet.

Dimensions are ex the Peter Ibold Endurance 48 sail plan.

Price R12,000 or about U$888.00 at the expected exchange rate.

All prices are sold in Rands and the exchange rate fluctuation is to the buyers account.

Shipping world wide at the cost to us can be arranged.


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