Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Light weight Okoume marine plywood

There is a very good reason that our dinghy and boat kits are mainly made from Okoume marine plywood to BS1088 grade, weight.

Check this shower water catch tray, even with its epoxy fillets in the corners and a coating of epoy to seal the surface, the weight is still only 800 grams!

There will be a second application of epoxy, then there will be epoxy primer in white, followed by white Interthane 900 top coat.

Imagine the weight saved when building an entire yacht?

It was some 500 kgs on a Dix 43 when compared to WBP exterior hardwood plywood.

With an 18mm BSP bronze pipe fitting bonded in place with an epoxy paste, the assembly was then coated with two coats of Intergard 269 epoxy based twin pack primer.Interthane 990 top coat will be applied next.

Wait 24 hrs between applying the primer and the top coat.

With the new shower tray installed and connected to a Whale Gulper 220 pump thats connected to a sea cock, we now have one of  the most pleasing and efficient shower pump outs.


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