Wednesday 5 August 2015

Maxprop two blade classic for sale

Now on the market and in the Cape Town, South Africa area, we can ship world wide.

The 24" maxprop has had very low hours on it and is in fine condition.

The price is only R20,000 which is around U$1575.

Suitable for a larger yacht and gives you great control in both forwards and reverse.

The original Max-Prop was designed in the early 70’s for the high tech race boat market. Since proving itself in the racing arena, the Classic Max-Prop has earned its way into the mainstream market as the leader in low drag propellers. Today you will find the Classic Max-Prop on a wide range of vessels from 25 foot daysailer to 100 foot race boat. With over 30 years of proven performance and unequalled reliability the two blade Classic is a great choice for a lighter vessels.

Simply the best and I know this has my own yacht has the Maxprop 18 " classic and it works equally well in forwards and reverse.


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