Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Boat window cover trims

This job has been on the things to do list some time, when it started the idea was to do them in alloy and then have anodised?

The alloy would require a CNC shop, plus the high cost to materials and out works, then a workshop drawing or template?

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The setting out takes three times longer than the actual cutting out, as once the bench jig is set up the Makita router soon cuts the shapes quickly.

The 6mm okoume plywood is a five ply, so its quite strong and once it has the special and very thin epoxy saturation applied it will gain in strength.

With Intergard epoxy primer then Interthane 990 white PU top coats sprayed on the epoxy, the trims will last at least as long as the boat they will be fitted to.

How easy was this? well a whole lot easier than I expected (smiles)

The day went well and final sizing, radius of the edges and corners, plus drilling the screw holes went ahead much to my joy.

The picture shows the starboard window trims dry fitted with just two screws each, the idea being to see how they fitted and of course how they look (more smiles)

A week later and we had perfect fitting weather and fitted the first four of six today.

We can make to your size given the dimensions or the correct templates, we supply the screws and the right fastening sealant also if required.



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