Saturday, 4 July 2015

Trawler repairs in the water, Hout Bay Harbour

This has been going on for a very long while, the slip may not have space or the electric motor that hauls the slip up the ramp may not have been replaced since it was last stolen, before that they stole the battery that started the engine that hauled the slip cradle.

I assume the boat being worked on has a fish catching quota so is worth the time and effort to repair it, the hulk at the North wall probably has no quota?

The floating work platform takes many workmen, they must have a genset on the trawler as the service power line to the harbour mole was stolen some months back, all sixty meters of it.

We have around fifteen fishing boats sunk in the Hout Bay Harbour, most due to theft of skin fittings they say?

Breaking news?

A resident on one of the better fishing trawlers advised me today that a tender is either out or has been awarded to a company with an articulated arm and a claw grabber, the idea being to just pick all the wooden wrecks up piece by piece, or is this a fairy tale?


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