Sunday 12 July 2015

Working with International Paints

The boat in the picture was painted from new with International Paints, its a system which has proved its worth many times over in the sixteen years since the boat was painted.

The boat is being given a service and the sheet winch pods are having the original teak cover board removed. The teak was the cause of a leak and really the Lewmar STA 58 and 44 winches, which are only a few years old will look a lot nicer on the clean white Interthane 990 polyurethane gloss top coat than on the un varnished teak.

This pod was refurbished and then coated with our 816 epoxy and 205 cure agent, some glass cloth went into the assembly to add strength as well.

The paint system is Intergard 276 white epoxy primer, six coats with a small foam roller due to wet sanding between the layers, then Interthane 990 top coat, which was three coats applied with a spray gun.

The winches will be refitted next.

With the job done its time to remove the teak cover board on the Port side of the boat and refurbish that side so things look the same.

The idea is to have a cleaner looking cockpit area!


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