Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Cape Henry 21 building in Seattle, USA.

Its always nice to receive news and pictures from our customers, they give a good feedback on what our kit has become and how well it assembles.

We shipped the Cape Henry 21 plywood kit to Fred, then later we also sent him the 1" thick profiled drop steel keel, made here in Cape Town, even with shipping it was seen to be good value.

Fred in Seattle is building a Cape Henry 21 by Dudley Dix.

Words below by Fred,

Scheduled to exhibit 'Evangelina' at Port Townsend's Wooden Boat Festival; 2nd wknd. in Sept. She might float in as a 'convertible', ha ha.
Your cnc cutting is very precise. I determined scarf overlaps and skin panel sections via Dudley's Mylars.

Fred just happens to have a very complete wood working shop, in his case that is what he does but most work with just the basic tools many of which are to be found in the average home.


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