Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lotus Elan Dash Board and Glove Box fittings kit

This parts kit, is as far as I know complete, I say this as it was myself that removed it off the Lotus Elan glove box facia.

The key was not with the parts when I was given it.
The parts are originals, not a job lot made up from other cars, all came direct of a genuine Lotus Elan.The switch to the glove box light is included.

I was asked by a guy named Chris to do a new walnut dash covering to a Lotus Elan.

Veneercraft charged me about R960 to laminate the veneers to the dash, plus my labour etc etc.

The customer never paid me but I did keep the parts in the picture.

They should have value to the right person?

Contact me if your that person to discuss pricing, we can ship world wide.



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