Tuesday 31 March 2015

Hillman Imp rebuild in South Africa

This car is a 1971 Imp Deluxe, a one owner car and Imported by its lady owner many years back.

When I discovered it over sixteen years ago it was in storage and not for sale, then the owner decided he wanted to sell it.

A deal was made and  I moved the car to a friend who had an interest in such cars, he stored it six years, then it came to myself. Work was started by turning the car over to work on the underside surfaces and suspensions before the rest of the car.

The customer wanted the best, so the car was inverted on our special jig for turning Imps over on.

We managed to discover just enough of the cars original Chrysler metallic blue paint colour, then matched that to  a Samcor / Ford shade and used that.

The pro paint shop who finished the work made a really nice job of the car.

Work started in 2012 and went right through to November 2014, only the best materials went into this car restoration.

Moved by road trailer to the cars owner, they were asked to help a hire car that got into difficulty!

The car has been waiting for a silencer to be made from the original Rootes Car Co drawings, it was fitted recently, this is the kind of detail searches we made on the cars restoration.

The speedo was serviced and calibrated, taken back to read zero miles and right now has clocked all of 2 miles, so its a new Hillman Imp?

We had the cars original engine and that is what we converted to a 998cc size.

If you would like a similar car please contact me.


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