Friday, 20 February 2015

Hillman Imp Californian in red

The red was easy, it was once a white car, Rootes Car Co paint code 108 but when the car arrived with me it had been changed to red and red its been ever since.

I decided to spray the car myself, its a challenge to get a good standard of  finish, what you see is gloss off the cun. I will later wet sand it with 1200 grit water paper, then power polish it with a Makita polisher and lambs wool mop.

The car is now forty eight years old (48) but still on its original 875cc  bore and pistons, I checked out the crank and bearings, all looking like new and with the original Rootes supplied bearing shells.

The cylinder head and camshaft are sport, with a 310 lift camshaft and twin Stromberg 125cd carburetors fitted the engine will give 55 bhp which is more than enough to do 100mph or around 160kph.

The roof and the other side of the car will be done next.

Attention to detail, the re made sticker covers the seat belts fitted to the car.

The roof still requires painting, the car can be driven and the cars original seat belt is now fitted to the car.

Click on the image for a larger picture.



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