Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Dix 43' Flying Cloud is for sale

The boat is now placed with a well known broker and also on Gumtree, requests for the boats inventory are starting to come in.

This is a real no nonsense cruising yacht, safe to travel to international waters and in comfort with the right kind of speed you will appreciate.

The price is R1.300,000 which is around U$111,100 right now, delivery can be arranged at whatever it may cost as an extra.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Note the new mainsail stack pack and while I was cleaning the boat how wide the side decks are, with the top life line being higher than normal this is a safe yacht to move around on. There are boarding gates port and starboard for ease of access.

The center cockpit is large and safe, with the steering position close to the main and sheet winches, the helmsman can tend the main sheet and port and starboard winches easily.

The hard dodger gives perfect vision with its toughened clear glass windows and seated behind it you are protected from the elements, in port there is an overhead cover.

Contact me for the inventory.


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