Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ship scrapping in the water?

These pictures ask a question, at which point does the team find it has no place to stand before the ship sinks????

Seen here and in the Hout Bay Harbour an ex SA Navy patrol ship meets her end, click on the picture for a larger image to understand whats being done.

The boat is being cut down, how far is down I ask, as each kilo of steel that is removed will raise the boat by a similar amount?? Check the waterline and see how much the boat has risen this far!

Check the sparks, someone is inside and using a torch to cut the decks off.

Eventually they will have a long flat dish, each kg cut off makes the dish smaller but it will then float that much higher, when do they stop is my question!

Watch this blog for what I hope is the answer.


A week or so later and we may be seeing the answer?

Lifting the bow with a crane, more and more material can be cut away.

The boat has been reduced in length and right back to a water tight bulkhead.

Soon it will just be a small segment they can lift and remove with the crane?

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