Thursday, 25 December 2014

Yanmar 1 GM10 servicing

I am not going to tell you how to change the oil and filter, just highlight what other items you need to check.

Compliments of the season!

I serviced my Yanmar yesterday and found the normal house of horrors in the raw water cooling system, so if yours is raw water have a look at my blog in a day or so?

I took this picture to show me at what sector the drive peg was at so that refitting will be easier.
It is far simpler to remove the entire pump rather than just the impellor.

The impellor area had become salt bound, it was still turning but the in and out pipes in the pump were near blocked.

The anode had gone, changed a year back I need to check my log bookon the date?

The thermostadt was also blocked with crap from the salt build up and while it works it does not quite close and I need a new one.

Running the engine after salt water with a three way valve and bringing in freash water will solve all of this.

A friend asked about a rev counter, I asked Jamie at IMS about how they worked?

There are two pick up types, one is from a mark on the flywheel, the other is a sender unit that fits in the block someplace I think ?

So you may need to check which rev counter you find uses which pick up and what is on your motor now?


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