Friday, 7 November 2014

A new 998cc Hillman Imp engine fitted

News!  just before lunch time and when connected to a container of LRP (lead replacement petrol) the pump needed to prime from the front of the car to the back, the engine then started first time!

We have power, this may be the first time in twenty (20) years and more since this dash panel saw power to it?

The new 998cc engine is running, this will be my last such full car restoration as I just do not have the time it takes to do such work any more, engine rebuilds are not a problem and a large stock of spares are in stock.

Here in Hout Bay and close to Cape Town, South Africa is the new Hillman Imp rebuild of the Imps engine bay.

The Shell 20/50 engine oil is already in the engine., with the oil cooler pipes fitted yesterday the engine is nearly ready to run.

While the 998cc engine is a new build, the older type oils will suit the motor better than new oils.

The engine layout is quite standard, even the Solex carburetor type, excepting we have fitted the larger 24mm size and opened the main jet out to a 140 size which is more suitable to the larger 998cc engine capacity.

Rootes supplied this pattern of oil coolers on all sport specification Imp cars, its a nice addition to a car expected to run in a warmer climate.

The addition of the radiator water catchment tank is really the only none standard fitting we have installed.

Will we do another one? this one took a year and I doubt it!


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