Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More hanging about in Hout Bay Harbour

Over some weeks I watched as this block and tackle were designed and fitted to the fishing boat. This was not just a chop and weld construction, each part was cut and fitted, placed and welded, then when it was proven the fit was good, it was demounted and taken to be hot dipped galvanized.

This is one of the larger trawlers of its class in Hout Bay harbour, its hull is GRP, most are still in wood excepting a 50ft design in GRP which is still moulded here.

They will need to catch a lot of fish to pay for this bit of kit.

Click on the pictures to view full size.

Now thats what I call a Block and Tackle!

There is always some item or other of interest in our local harbour, you just have to look around.


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