Saturday, 6 September 2014

Wooden boats in Hout Bay

The view from this ply/epoxy Dix 43 shows a perfect day in Hout Bay and looking out towards the back of Cape Towns Table Mountain.

Click on the image for a larger view, the camera was a Canon G1X using the P setting and on an ISO100 setting.

The boats close by are both made from wood, the one just next to the Dix 43 is a Vertue and Carvel planked, she is coming up fifty years old very soon if not already there? It was built by Henry Vink.

The yellow power boat was built using strip plank cedar and epoxy, a very time consuming process but the end result and build came out with a good standard of finish.

The large white boat in the distance is Figaro V also built from wood but using veneers to cold mould the hull, built to win the Fastnet Race for Bill Snaith, he never got to the start line as he sadly passed away before the boat was finished.

The full story as far as I could find out can be read here:


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