Friday, 12 September 2014

Hillman Californian Coupe, fitting out begins

This car was not an expected return to my ownership, its a long story but it now seems the car while having been sold was never transfered licence wise so in legal terms was mine all along? and has been some twenty years or so now.

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So I bought the car back, paid the unpaid four years licence fee (ouch!) and started on this 1967 Imp Caliornians restoration.

I have since found out just 2600 or so were made, of those maybe 55 to 60 are left? this one came off the Rootes Car Co assembly line at the Linwood factory in Scotland February 3rd 1967 and was an export model sent to Mozambique.

RCO stands for Right Hand Drive, Coupe and Export, the number 108 is for the cars original White paint job.

 The car has its original engine, the Vin plate and all numbers match, the engine is still on its original 875cc bore pistons also.

Easy work? well the above front end took me three weeks and at this stage I am far from finshed!

It may be for sale.


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