Tuesday, 5 August 2014

DS 15 sport boat rudder and foil

A little while back we posted pictures on the lamination then CNC work of a foil and rudder for the DS 15.

Jim has now shaped them, news from Jim below.

PS, I used a dark wood stain for spraying the routing coves. It gives a
micro stain under the bottom of the cove allowing one to do final finishing
without losing one's place, once the cove disappears. Seemed smart at the
time and worked well. Not if one intends to leave it bright however. But a
better overall result methinks.

This is the rudder, we laminated African Mahogany for this order.

Both were vacuum bagged. Rudder is now faired and ready for final primer
coat. Centreboard has one side sanded and filled, ready for final filling,
sanding & first primer. Other side is still raw off the vacuum form. Next
week's problem


Thanks for the feedbackJim,


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