Friday, 11 July 2014

Hillman Imp Californian returns home

In this case the home is my own, after selling the 1967 Imp Californian some four and a half years back, I was able to buy the car back last week.

The car after restoration about twenty years back, it does not look like this right now but will eventually!

The car came off the Rootes Car Co Scotland production line dated February 3rd 1967, destined as an export model it still has its original Vin plate and engine, still on its 875cc pistons and running really well.

The car was an export to  Mozambique, the speedo is in kilometers and shows just 771119.9 Ks,

Nice to get the car back again!

The Imp Club know of only 74  Californians left, of around 7000 of this model sold, 6100 were sold in to the UK, so some 900 went out as exports, how many other export cars still exist I wonder?


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