Monday 19 May 2014

Wood contruction mast building glues?

This subject has just cropped up again, you can of course use whatever you want but given the choice I will stay with the phenolic glue each and every time.

Machine works on our spindle with purpose made cutters to make the Birdsmouth section correctly.

Some of the large range of specialist cutters we have.

Our German made spindle, its quite clever as it can run on 220v and 360v, the spindle can be raised or lowered and I think we can even change its direction?

The Birdsmouth mast in sections.


This is what the well known wood/epoxy boat designer thinks on the subject.
With regard to which glue to use, many builders have moved over to epoxy because they think that it is the ultimate in glues. That is not the case, however. Epoxy works well most of the time but there are applications that phenolic or resorcinol glues are a better choice. I have a few words about glue selection on my website at . Additional to that info, epoxy can lose its grip on wood that is saturated with water. In contrast, the bond of resorcinol increases if the wood becomes wet. Resorcinol is my choice whenever practical for bonding important items and I prefer to keep epoxy for coatings and items that are not unlikely to become wet.


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