Wednesday 23 April 2014

Hillman Imp engine number 1574 dated 1963

Todays picture shows a very early example of the Imps overhead camshaft design as taken from the lead from Coventry Climax (stickers in stock).  At just 875cc and this motor still is on that standard bore, there was plenty of power for a car that weighed just 710kgs.

There were around 440,000 Imps made between 1963 and 1974 so this really is an early unit.

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The engine was rebuilt using stock parts to underline that the engine (this one) is now fifty (50) years old, once upon a time fifty seemed to be old but that's not the case anymore? This actual motor was gifted to me but in such a dirty condition that it took two days just to wash the dirt off with water soluable cleaner. Then another two days in the bead blaster cabinet until we had the parts looking as close to new as they can be.

In truth the sum of the parts were good, new piston rings and crank bearings, gaskets and so on soon had the engine on its way to what we can see today but it was still a weeks intensive work.

This engine design was just the ticket for tuning shops, so much so that the Rootes Competitions shop started producing their own kits, then moved into the larger 998cc bored engine.

See if this link will open for you, there are a great selection of Imps in it, many I have been involved with .


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