Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A light weight Micro Caravan?

The Times newspaper had a story on how South Africans are turning to the camping life for their holidays.

Written by TJ Strydom and quoting  Wiza Nyondo who is FNBs (first national bank) head of tourisim, tells us that in December Statistics SA say that R79.4 million was raked in, which was mostly from domestic tourists. Camping Parks and camping sites report a 51% jump in income compared to last year.

The Micro Camper Van?

Cars are becoming smaller, so are the engines, so the pulling power has to reduce as well, its not just the power output but the actual weight of the pulling or tow car?

With the advent of new products like Deluxe Light Ply (DLP) we can now look at and design lighter trailers and camper vans around the DLP. The design has already started, one of our regular customers has the basics drawn already.

The designer is also a boat builder, so understands the use of epoxies and plywood's, the design will enable you the builder to dry assemble to allow you to understand the final assembly and gluing up process.

We hope to become the material supplier and also the company who CNC cuts and supplies the result as kits. ( the order was placed for the first 10 sheets of DLP and we expect the client to collect today)

Drive away units will be an option, either fully finished or as a home completion project, you will need a car with a tow hitch ball!

More on this as it happens.


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