Friday 22 November 2013

Hillman Imp disc brake kit

This set arrived today, making it kit number four that has been Imported from the UK to Hout Bay now.

We have the engineering drawing and permission to copy the mount plates but given the ease of placing an order, then waiting for the post to arrive two weeks later, why bother making them yourself?

The  Goodridge hoses are special too, metric one end and imperial the other!

Ford Fiesta calipers, they are early type and for the 12mm thick none ventilated discs.

The new discs are for the Ford KA, so 240mm in diameter, the car we are re building now will retain the 12" steel rims so the discs will be 220mm

Arrived today, they will need a full service before re using.

Used but still fine for the Hillman Imp range, once refurbished by a specialist.

Note, we have a pair of chrome plated Imp disc link plates for sale, suitable for the 13" rims and now
ex stock. The cost is GBP 10 plus postage.