Thursday, 3 October 2013

International Paints Interthane 990 polyurethane top coats

This is a product I have worked with for a long time, its a cost effective way to get a long life, made in South Africa for International Paints (akzo nobel) so we are not paying import duties!

The almost finished job, with just the small triangle up front needing finishing.

Click on the pictures to view in a larger size.

All of this work excepting the cabin sides was painted using small foam rollers.

The white is a standard mix, in the case of the light grey I mixed white with a small amount of black but International Paints do the same shade, you just have to buy in 5ltr packs.

The best way to mix small amounts is with a digital scale set, the mix is then 100 grams of base to 14 grams of hardener. The coach roof in the top picture required just 400 grams to do two coats.

Its important to pre wash the old paint using Teepol Orange (clear) liquid soap then rinse off with clean water, no Sunlight soap please!