Monday 22 July 2013

St Helena Island gets a RO-RO terminal

That sounds a little grander than the truth but truth it is. Word was out some time back about a new hardbour wall construction for the island, I had always expected it would be in Ruperts Bay but what size will it be?

Check the link, its a great idea and one that allows all kinds of heavy equipment to be off or on loaded.

The ship being used is the NP Glory 4 and has the contractors name Basil Read painted in hugh letters on the side of the ship.

RO-RO stands for roll on roll off, what they have done is build a narrow harbour wall, say 20 meters wide and out far enough into deeper water. Then the airport contractors have leased a very special cargo ship, the bow of which is quite flat and opens by folding out and downwards.

I wonder will they ever remove all this hardware?
With the bow of the ship moored port & starboard and with two pick up bouys at the stern, its possible to take the ship in bow first, lower the bow onto the dock and drive the ships load right onto St Helena Island, very cost effective and very neat!

It will be suitable for smaller vessels to tie alongside when the chartered ship is away?

This is a picture I took back in 1977 and from the decks of Brer Terrapin,  Ruperts Bay is just around that headland and after that Jamestown. We were 13 days out from Cape Town.

I think this is the selected site of the airport?