Saturday 22 June 2013

Wood Veneer for exterior use

This is not normally recommended, after all veneers are just 0.6mm thick any abuse or weather finding its way under the veneer will most probably cause it to lift.

This Dragon class yacht is dated 1956 and came third in the Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.

The owner wanted a varnished mahogany coach roof top, we supplied the wood on wood flexiveneer
its easy to work with and as you can see took the compound curve very well.

The adhesive was a contact glue, we know it was well applied to both surfaces, the recommendation was to use two coats to each side, the first being as a primer. We now have a contact glue that can be left to dry, it is then re activated with a heat gun or hair dryer, when both surfaces are put together, the bond is INSTANT!

How easy is that?

The surface must still be protected with a twin pack lacquer, such as International Paints Perfection Plus, in the case of this boat, it has a light grey canvas cover over it when the boat is not being used. The work was done a year back, its still in fine condition.