Monday 6 May 2013

Rouge Elephant and a Hillman Imp painting

For well over two years I have been working behind the scenes to find out if the un signed painting I had a copy of was painted by David Shepherd.

Its a very very long story and will not be told today but David did paint the painting and had agreed to signing twelve copies, they are numbered also.

All pre sold and in secret, only Richard Sozanski of the Imp Club and myself had the full story.

Today two of the twelve were gifted the those amazing drivers of the JoLon Imp, now in Coventry, England and after driving through Africa to achieve the IMProbable.

Click to view in a larger size.

The award took place today at the hosting rugby club in Coventry.

To the left is Richard, then Terence, Geoff and the club chairman, Graham in the black tee shirt.

Terence said when he heard the Name David Shepherd a shiver went through
his body as he remembered seeing two pics of David's in the bank where he
once worked.

Ill sort some more pics  out very soon  (just arrived and will be posted on this blog in the morning)


While the arrival was emotional, it was nothing compared to the speech later on, not a dry eye in the Clubhouse

Two amazing guys and one great little car!

A trip to remember.