Saturday, 18 May 2013

Gregs strip planked Oppikat

With this design we supplied just the CNC bulkheads and used the regular postal service between the RSA and USA, this was really cost effective. The design is by Dudley Dix and was drawn as an easy to build sail training small catamaran. There are some 15 bulkheads per hull, when cut with a CNC machine from okoume marine ply they are easy to set up.

Greg has built his hulls together but you can also do one at a time and on a narrow bench or shelf, as long as you can reach to the side furthest away from you.


Initial fairing with the hand plane about 1/2 done.


I ended up with a little funkiness at the bows as I didn't quite strip it right(first time strip-planked and all) - but the kid wants it painted anyway.  So I should be able to fix it up.  Or not.