Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dix Design releases the new Cape May 25

We developed the lapstrake plywood Cape May 25 from the Cape Cutter 19, a GRP trailer sailer that became popular in a short time and sold 70 boats in its first 2 years in the UK market. The 19 proved to be a boat that is full of character, able and seaworthy, with a surprising turn of speed. Well over 100 have been built in GRP and we have sold plans for another 60 boats to be built in plywood by amateurs.

We followed that design with the Cape Henry 21, a slightly bigger sister that still fitted within standard towing width in most countries but offered a bit more space and comfort for a small family. We have sold more than 70 of them for building in plywood by amateurs. There have followed many requests for other sizes within this same concept. I have been working on a 32ft version, the Cape Charles 32, which will happen when time allows and which will make a great cruiser for the Bahamas, Caribbean and similar areas with limited depth.

The Cape May 25 is an intermediate design, with more space than the smaller sisters but still intended for a small family of Mom, Dad and two kids. My client is nearly 2m tall, so extra long berths were a must. The foreward berths are 2.2m long and have plenty of foot room for two people. I kept it as one very big double berth rather than making a pair of V-berths so that it will have masses of storage under it for sails and gear, with space left over for a water tank and holding tank if needed. The rope locker in the bow adds to this stowage space and the bulkhead also serves as a crash bulkhead.

Cape May 25 kits will be available soon from CKD Boats cc shortly.

For more info on the boat please view the file below.

With the Rand exchange rate to most other currencies right now our prices look really competitive!