Monday, 4 March 2013

The 1995 BOC yacht race, HBYC or RCYC as hosts?

In my previous blog on this subject, I left out the specific cash sum of money asked for by the RCYC up front on purpose, I was not at the meeting when the money was asked for, at first it was a rumour, then a published fact.

This blog is about the reason that Mark Schrader, who was  then working for the  BOC group, asked the HBYC to come up with an offer on what they could do for the race should the HBYC be successfull in their bid.

Click on the scanned copy so that you can read it better.

There are two sides to the tale, I now have the archive file from the HBYC which includes a collection of news prints. The fact was that the RCYC asked up front for a donation of R65,000 (some say R60,000) as a payment to fund the event in Cape Town and the RCYC Small Craft Basin.

The BOC group had already moved the start of the race in the USA for similar reasons and now were considering other South African ports over Cape Town for the same reason.
Mark is toasting John Martin's attempt to secure a sponser for the next event.

Both of Cape Towns daily newspapers carried the story, it was an event of  great importance to those involved.
Many did not know what a battle royal was going between each club, for sure the HBYC was holding an upper hand for a great deal of time.

In the end it was the RCYC who won the prize.


 Hout Bay from the Chapmans Peak Driveway.

Its now 2013 and Cape Town has had the Volvo Ocean Race for a number of years now.

Those boats are too large to fit in the Small Craft basin in the Cape Town Harbour and in the past hve been berthed at the V&A Waterfront. The news now is that as Cape Town refused to pay for the 2014 fleet to visit here, so we will not see them at all in the next race.

They do two stops in Brasil, then next Dubai, who will pay lots to host them I understand? Brasil is of course cash rich and wants to promote both the next Olympics and also the next Fifa World Cup series, both events will be held in Rio de Janerio.

Times change.