Monday 3 September 2012

Ian heads south to the Indian Ocean

Ian Baker arrived at Hout Bays HBYC marina a few weeks back with a broken Windpilot wind vane system, we found him a spare berth and he soon settled in while the engineers who had fixed the vane gear in Cape Town re fixed it!  The boat is named Stella and Ian tells me that the boat is a Raffiki 35 and built in Taiwan, the design is by Stan Huntingford of Canada.

Single handing has its moments when your leaving port, other cruisers were on hand to accept Ians dock lines.

Ian ready to cast off, some other yachties are lending a hand.

Motoring out of his sea facing berth.

Ian was some 190 mile south of Cape Point when his repaired vane gear broke, he was heading for around 40 degrees South where he would then turn to Port and travel along the expected winds down there.

The dock lines from the boat to the left were replaced right away.

On his way and into whatever the weather may be as he heads south.

All pictures by R McBride.