Sunday, 8 July 2012

Kenwood TS-450 s, needs receiver parts

The set was checked out by the Kenwood agents in Centurion, South Africa, the report was that the transmit side was fine but the audio side is dead, no parts are available, so we need to find a doner set with a decent audio side, that is fit,well and working ?

Can anyone supply me with a set where the receiver side is working, I can then do a swop over of the working receiver and get this set working again.

Stop Press:

Just spoke with the technical guy who checked out the set. Its not particularly good news. While the xmit is ok, and the audio amp is now fine, the receiver board is damaged – sounds like it ideally needs to be replaced. A capacitor appears to have exploded and damaged the board itself – which can include many small items and maybe some of the circuits. The usual way to tackle this is to replace the whole board – but this would be the bulk of the set, as the receiver is by far the most complex part of it all. It is not working at all well – so besides the audio problem the set is quite “deaf”. A replacement board will not be available, except by cannabilising another set, but to find another set with working receiver would normally suggest making that set the new working set. . .

Does anyone out there have a set we can use the required parts from?

The set is in Cape Town, more on the same set can be seen in the link below.