Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Plans,postage and delivery.

We recently posted a set of dinghy plans to a customer,it was only ten days back,as of today they have yet to arrive. Since posting we have had a public holiday and two weekends,thats five days out of the ten that no work can be expected.

The customer was on the phone at least twice today,will we send him a new set of plans? the reply was negative,we are using standard mail services and given it is December and a Christmas rush has to exist, we can really only offer the same as the plans supplier http://www.dixdesign.com/ offers:

If you select standard delivery and your parcel has not arrived 3 months after mailing, we will replace it subject to a service charge of 20% of the value of the order and delivery of the replacement by courier service, at charges as set out below. (etc etc)

I trust this is acceptable and can be understood by the buyer?


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