Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hout Bay Harbour,the way it was.

Some changes are of course for the best,it will always depend on who's side you happen to be on,so bias may creep in but to land fill the small sandy beach inside the Hout Bay Harbour was senseless,when we look back at the total under use of the dirt space that exists there now.

Picture by R McBride using a Canon FT SLR film camera,I would guess about twenty years ago?

I am going to post some older Hout Bay YC pics,in this one,see if you can recognise a young Mr & Mrs Batley,was he the HBYC Commodore back then,I think so.Jean Mc Bride (paarman) is there too,so is Janet! Can you spot Mr & Mrs Turner ( not our founder member and club president)

The small beach in the harbour was a huge loss to the community,it came about when mass floods on Chapmans Peak caused stones to close the roads,the issue was to get shot of the tons of stones without just pushing them over the cliff.

The then Chief of Nature Conservation,decided to use them to fill the harbour beach in,it was a mistake in my view but he told me the idea was to have the commercial side of the harbour on that side and the tourist side on the side were they are now.

Hind sight is a wonderfull thing?


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