Sunday, 30 October 2011

Scenic Hout Bay from above

Not the worst place to arrive at by yacht and it gets better when you dock at the friendly HBYC marina.Vulcan Rock is probably just out of view on the extreme left hand side of the picture,its position has been added next to its picture below.

Pictures by R McBride

The harbour is to Port,the port entrance lights can only be seen once past the entry,as long as you stay clear of the drying reef just past the Sentinal and before the start of the harbour wall,there are no sunken dangers in the bay but off the large peak named The Sentinal lies Vulcan Rock.That breaks in most weather and is best left well alone.

A crusing guide gives the rocks poistion as 34 03,9s and 18 18,6e,its best you check your own chart to ensure this is in fact correct?
An unusual calm day,In Chapmans Bay and looking towards The Sentinal rock and with Vulcan Rock in the foreground,normally this rock is awash,so easy to spot.It is not marked except on the chart.

The main area of Hout Bay and looking towards the harbour entrance,left click to enlarge pictures and see more detail.


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