Monday, 1 August 2011

Self Service Department,changing oil filters

This is a small item that protects your engine,the low cost of such an item against the high cost of what it protects should always be remembered,in service the filter and the oils we use are a main part to the long life of the boats engine.

A Purolator ML 14670 filter suitable for the Perkins 4108 marine diesel engine.

A new filter,this one fits the Perkins 4108 range of diesel engines,the lable says Marine,what this means I am not sure,a filter is a filter,it may be a better grade of paint? Purolator filters are high grade and were the original equipment item on the BMW/Hatz marine diesel when they came out.

If I ever designed an engines layout I would invert this filter position,is this done to ensure the oil does not escape from the oil gallery? If yours is like this,take note,the filter should have a none return valve inside the filter,this is to mkae certain the oil is there on start up.

The BMW/Hatz has the filter in the same position,it also has a filter with the none return valve,the Alfa Sud and VW Golf diesel engine filter will fit,in the case of the VW,after production and the release of the engine in use of commercial vans,it was noted some were knocking out crank bearings,they tracked this down to a constant Stop Start driving routine,then found the filter specified did not have a none return valve,changing the filter to one with a none return valve fixed the problem.

Note: The BMW/Hatz diesel has a filter with a 14mm thread,there were  none to be found in Brasil when we went there twenty years back,so take some spares if you decide to cruise there.

Left click the picture,you should see a black rubber in the eight smaller holes,this is the none return flap,some filters use an internal spring instead.


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