Monday, 23 May 2011

The Eureka canoe

We sell plans only and have done so for a very long time,the Eureka Canoe design is one by Mike Storer and as good a looking style of canoe as we can offer,there are others of course.

What a fine looking Canoe,we had no input at all on this build,not even the supply of materials,we sent off the plans and he just did his own thing!

The plans from Mike are remarkably detailed,he asks you to use a nice light ply like Ockume marine to BS1088 grade,in this case the builder looks to have used the much lower priced WBP grade,which has only three veneers per 6mm thick,while our marine ply has five veneers per 6mm thick.The other factor is unseen,weight,this canoe will be about 30% heavier,not recomended but it does save cash.


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