Friday, 22 April 2011

The Pelican 42 cat ketch by Angelo Lavranos

Something for everyone on this blog,I have always liked the idea of sailing with all the sails up and never having to move a sheet when you tack,sort of like driving a car,you just turn the wheel and off you go in the other direction.This is our first such sail plan design offering and as the masts can be owner built,wishbones and booms also,this could be a very cost effective owner builder project.

Left click to enlarge and read the entry on the Pelican design in SA Sailings magazine.( I tried that,it does not work!) email me for the original copy, Roy.

Seen here in Chapamans Bay,Domichella passes a smaller boat,Nandi a Didi 34 that was built using a CKD Boats kit

Pictures by R McBride

Enlarge each picture by left clicking it,the kit will consist of the plans and materials to build the boat,the bulkheads and transom will be pre cut with stringer cut outs on the bulkheads,we will supply a moulding jig to the transom which can be laminated from layers of 6mm marine plys.We also supply the epoxies and fastenings plus the treated pine building stocks if required.

Check out some favorable comments from Bob.

Hi Roy

 Just a quick note to tell you we mentioned you and CKD on the blog and
 even said some nice things.

Check it out here...

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A very cool design and not a wire in sight...
I have a question for you...

When was the last time you flew on an airplane whose wings were held up by wire rigging?
Keep that in mind while we discuss a boat design...

Roy over in South Africa is on something of a roll putting together lots of kits for folks to build boats with. Apparently if you want a kit that can be cobbled together with a computer and an automated cutter he is THE MAN!

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