Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The inflateable Trimaran concept

This seems to have very little to do with our selling kit boats,or does it?

From the time I walked back to look at the boat Energy Diet for a second look at its engineering , I am more than certain we can offer these boats and as a catamaran also as kits,instead of being our normal wood and epoxy , they are prefabricated parts and finished Hypalon tubes ready for inflation.

Each kit will contain all that is required to assemble the boat,this will include the floats,tubes,trampoline, nuts and bolts,hand tools,and a repair kit for services.

The design concept drawing,taken from the Energy Diet web site,in practice the actual boat is very close to the actual design as above.

We know size can be eleven meters long as thats how long Energy Diet is,it is eight meters wide,so a square measurement of around eighty eight square meters,there could well be uses in search and rescue or expeditons for such craft world wide.Each craft sold would include a designers fee.


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