Thursday, 30 December 2010

One hundred thousand and counting!

When this blog thing started I had little idea how it would grow,we are into year three now,if not we should be soon? Google clocks the page impressions,checking the other day I see the all time score is over 103,000 and last months viewers were 15,000,thats amazing!

The blog is supposed to be a  generation of orders idea,I am not at all sure this is fully the case,I wander off course now and again but todays blogs get us 100% back on course with some remarkable pictures from a friend and fellow boat builder Dudely Dix.

The scene outside the Dix home in Virginia USA.........

We had a blizzard move all the way up the East Coast last weekend. We had 14.2" (360mm), which is the third highest single snowfall since records started in mid 1700s. Everything is still white and we have about 40-50mm of solid ice on the road in front of our home. Makes driving somewhat interesting. The major roads have been cleared but we have to drive about 1.5km to reach a major road. See attached photos from Sunday. That is home-made boerewors, chicken and pork ribs on the braai. I roasted a beef round the following day, also on the braai.


Dudley Dix

Dudley Dix Yacht Design

1340-1272 N Great Neck Rd #343

Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA

Tel (757)962-9273 Fax (757)965-3573

You know what they say, 'n Boer maak 'n plan. (A farmer makes a plan). I am 25% Afrikaner, so some of it must apply.



And I came home from the boat yesterday,it was again blowing 35knots of South Easterly I thought to myself, yet another evening without a nice braai,then Dudley sends me these pictures,am I a wimp or what!?

Tonight we braai!

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