Saturday, 30 October 2010

2010 Double Cape Race

This race has been around a very long time,I think after the first race,was that in 1974? Dulux sponsered the race and it was then branded as  the Dulux Double Cape Race for many years,even when Dulux stood down and Dekro Paints took over sponsership,folk still tended to name it the Dulux race,I think a new sponser is needed?

Its an unusual event with four yacht clubs sailing the same route but from their own waters,so boats are passing each other all the time over the course,which means that as you have to pass Cape Point twice,its a double cape trip,hence the name,the clubs are HBYC,RCYC,FBYC and GBYC.The route direction is reversed each year just to mix things up even more.

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