Friday, 19 February 2010

Didi mini cruise rudders

John in the UK bought a Didi mini cruise kit from us about a year back,he has now built the hull and recently turned it over,so now he has placed his order for the two rudders and the drop keel foil and 400kgs cast lead ballast (we have the moulds) plus the engineering parts such as tiller,chain plates,deck stantions,push and pulpits,this is a regular event and a welcome part of our daily works.
We can only glue up one rudder blade per day due to the space taken on the traveling table saw we use as a base,its perfectly flat and ensures the blank glues up the same way,the glue is water proof phenolic,the same glue that is in our marine and water proof plys.

Clear oregon pine (no knots) ready to be thicknessed in the planer,our planer has a four cutter blade head,it gives an exceptional smooth finish.
The clear oregon has been ripped on our circular saw,then planed to a uniform thickness and is ready to laminate.

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