Friday, 1 January 2010

Yacht hard dodger fitted

Transformation complete,our old canvas spray dodger and 316 stainless steel frame work is now for sale! One great feature with the new hard dodger is I can easily walk on the roof top and get at the mainsail,which was impossible before. Our complete kit includes clear 6mm toughned glass,not plastic sheeting such as perspex or lexan, which will always fade and scratch with time,we can offer glass with a light tint in pale blue or brown to suit your requirements.

Fitted,it transforms the boat and adds huge space and comfort to the cockpit. We can ship world wide as a flat pack,one kit is already in New Zealand,we require your boats cabin width and depth of space available,we can also pre make for customers who can collect,or crate and ship world wide to your order.

A vent light is very important,we supply this pre cut in the standard kit,the hand made teak trim is optional,we can make these to your custom sizes, for windows and hatches in other wood species such as mahogany,beech or oak to suit other applications,they will post world wide easy enough.We also stock Thaiteak ventlight rings and grabrails,from one loop to seven loop sizes.

Fitting took a few hours only.

Hout Bay Harbour,early morning loading from our truck to the boat (its not at all heavy)the hard dodger meets its boat at last,even now its looking good but still needs scribing to the cabin top and fastening down,it will go about 40mm lower when fastened.

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