Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Swopping beers in mid atlantic

Left click the picture to view full screen size,the Camera was a Canon FT with a 50mm 1.4 lens,picture by Roy McBride.
The Barens Seatrader 39s,built in Durban and fitted out by Dick Schipper,the family of four became the boats name 4 Schippers.Meeting mid ocean is not as easy as you may think,Dick had radar,we both has Sat Nav,after the VHF radio contact was made we found each other about mid way between Ascencion Island and Salvador,Bahia,Brasil.

This was a later crossing,the event was to swop a six pack of cold Castle beers from our boat Ocean Cloud,whos fridge and deep freeze worked,to 4 Schippers whose fridge did not work.Simone on board our boat took a 6mm line we had an made a Turks Head knot in one end,we threw that line across and they are tying it to a B Canvas water bucket we sent over too,the exchange beers were Lions,not produced anymore? I still have that same heaving line,the bucket too!

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