Monday, 7 December 2009

Andrews Hartley 37 hull turn

Andrew after his hull was turned had a great reason to smile,thats his dad just to the left of the picture.For these pictures I used a Canon G11 digital camera set to auto.Left click the first click to see the depth of his smile!

We have known Andrew just a year,he called in November 2008 and asked for pricing on WBP plys,we discussed the end use,which was his Hartley 37 hull skin,(two layers of 6mm plys with epoxy) an important part of any boat,I asked him to call at our factory so we could discuss using a better grade Ockume veneer marine plys,I showed him how easy it is to work with,plus the fact that WBP 6mm ply is just a three ply construction while 6mm Okcume marine is a five ply constuction and why the price is higher,Andrew bought the better ply,plus epoxies and Internationals twin pack paints,the quality shows in these pictures of a really (very) succesfull hull turn,well done Andrew!

From Andrews blog at:

That is how Saturday was. The turning went better than I could have hoped for and a great time was had by all who attended the Turning and the after party. Thanks to all those who came and made it such a great day. It is sometimes unwise to thank people individually in case you leave someone out who might feel hurt, but there are a few people who need special mention. First and foremost my Father who taught me all I know and Maureen for support and encouragement along the way. The diggers, Theo, Brendon and Skatie who pitched in and dug out the ground as she was turning. Patrick for steadying the ship as she went over and all those who assisted in turning. All the ladies who assisted with food and salad preperations and Skatie (once again) who took it upon himself to organise the fires and braai the meat. Christine and Roy for taking pictures to capture the moment (attached pictures by Roy).

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