Thursday, 17 September 2009

Toylander,the start and the end in stages

Buy your original Toylander brand plans from CKD Boats.

This is the intened end product,not one from our kits but there is no reason why this high standard of finish should not be the result.

We cut our first Toylander series 2 some while back,the customer did the build himself with the help of his son,I must say the idea of creating a project such as this and being able to have your child work with you has its attractions,there is always some work to do and when your finished your daughter or son can drive it,the learning process is a quantum leap in engineering,from building the shell,which requires a person to read and understand drawings,to the joinery and building,which of course requires the use of hand tools,both wood working, mechanical and electrical (12 volt dc).The end result will be a learing process that will give an insite ito the use of tools many years down the line.

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