Monday, 21 September 2009

AIS by Watchmate with a built in receiver

This is new for an October release,the screen now has its own receiver built in,you will still require an antenna splitter,which we can supply also.

AISWatchMate®RX Two Channel Receiver and Display
The AISWatchMate is now available with an integrated two channel AIS receiver.
Excellent receiver sensitivity for maximum range.
Designed especially for highest AIS performance.
Easy to install. No external "black boxes".
Winner of two international innovation awards.

OverviewFeaturesBenefitsSpecificationsDownloadsThe AISWatchMate RX incorporates an internal high performance two channel AIS receiver with the award winning AISWatchMate collision avoidance display. Vesper Marine has designed the AISWatchMate RX to help avoid collisions at sea. Using the Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) the AISWatchMate RX displays data from all AIS equipped vessels in your vicinity. Audible warning alarms are sounded if a potentially dangerous situation exists.
The alarm sounds whenever a ship is detected that will come dangerously close even though the ship may still be many miles away. You are alerted immediately with the closest point of approach (CPA) and the time until CPA.

Unique and customisable alarm and filter settings help to eliminate false alarms. Ships and alarms are displayed in a prioritised order assisting you to safely navigate in crowded shipping areas.

The AISWatchMate RX has a built-in AIS receiver. It can be interfaced to other on-board electronics and will provide full AIS output. However, it is not necessary to connect it to anything other than a GPS.

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